On Friday, Arizona had to reopen a detention center to warehouse illegal immigrants from Central America that the federal government sent from Texas. 

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said more than 1,000 illegal immigrant children will be dropped off in Arizona this weekend, continuing what she said is the Obama administration’s “dangerous policy” of dumping illegal immigrants from Central American countries into Arizona, something that will continue into the foreseeable future. Officials in Arizona said that though the illegal immigrants have been told to report to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) center within 15 days, they have no idea where the illegal immigrants are going. 

The Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs told Brewer that 432 such children were expected to be transported on Friday and another 734 over the weekend. 

Brewer said that she was “disturbed and outraged” that the Obama administration continues to implement this “dangerous and inhumane policy” while “neglecting to answer crucial questions our citizens demand and deserve.” She noted, “Not only does the federal government have no plan to stop this disgraceful policy, it also has no plan to deal with the endless waves of illegal aliens once they are released here.”

“If the Obama administration put half the effort into securing our border as it has invested to institute this operation, our state and nation would not be facing this situation,” she said. “This is a crisis of the federal government’s creation, and the fact that the border remains unsecure – now apparently intentionally – while this operation continues full-steam ahead is deplorable.”

Breitbart Texas first reported photos of illegal immigrants from Central America being warehoused in Texas, and Arizona may face a similar situation as officials scrambled to find medical supplies for the recently dumped illegal immigrants. 

A holding center in Nogales had to be opened “because the Department of Health and Human Services had nowhere to turn,” and a Department of Homeland Security official told the Associated Press “that children are sleeping on plastic cots but about 2,000 mattresses have been ordered, and portable toilets and showers have been brought to the holding center –  a warehouse that has not been used for detention in years.”

The warehouse reportedly has a capacity of about 1,500, and a Homeland Security official said, “As quickly as we move them out, we get more. We believe this is just a start.”

Last week, Brewer wrote President Barack Obama a letter, slamming the federal government for not informing Arizona officials before they decided to send thousands of illegal immigrants into her state. She demanded answers about who was responsible for the decision.

“What I learned from federal officials today only raises more questions about this operation, and the few answers I did receive have only heightened my concerns,” Brewer asserted. “Citizens demand – and so should the media – the reason for this massive influx of illegal crossings and the cost to taxpayers for having to deal with the crisis created by the President.”

Brewer said she has reached out to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson for answers and again called on President Obama to “terminate this operation immediately” and secure the border.




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