A chance to give all OREGONIANS an equal voice in elections or

Two Wolves and a Sheep deciding what’s for Dinner?

What Do You THINK?


[From Unified Primary’s FAQs]

But won’t this just mean that two candidates from the same party will end up on the General Election ballot?

 This outcome will likely happen only in jurisdictions where one major party has a dominant registration advantage. In those districts today, the election is basically over in the primary, before a significant number of voters have even had a say. In many districts, our current election system effectively shuts out an actual majority of voters. This shutout allows special interests to force extreme agendas through threats of primary election challenges in party strongholds.
In a Unified Primary, all voters have an equal voice over both which candidates advance and in the choice between the top two. This makes the system more democratic and much more resistant to extremist gaming.http://www.unifiedprimary.org/faq#question_id_18

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